About Me

Hi there, I’m Laura Ludowyke, the founder and creator of OT Trauma Tools.

I come from a lived experience background and was inspired to become a mental health Occupational Therapist to help people manage their illness, improve their lives, and release their full potential. My approach is to provide evidence-based, practical therapy techniques and strategies, some of which have been personally tested and proven effective. As someone who has lived through complex trauma, I am highly empathetic and understand the struggles and stigma that people with mental health issues face. That’s why I am dedicated to providing resources that are tailored to meet the unique needs of individuals and healthcare professionals. I ran my own private practice, and I’m currently completing my PHD. In addition, I have run many events to support people with mental health issues, including local face-to-face groups and online therapy sessions. My goal is to help people gain the tools and resources they need to manage their mental health effectively, and I am committed to providing high-quality, practical resources based on theory and personal experience. Thank you for choosing OT Trauma Tools, and I hope you find the resources you need to support you in creating a life of meaning and purpose.

Professional Experience


Registered Occupational Therapist (Research Honours) 2015
Monash University Educator 2016- Ongoing

Mental Health Professional Network Coordinator Borderline Personality Disorder and Complex Trauma

International Speaker

  • January 2023 – Presented to Arizona Occupational Therapist Association

PhD – Doctoral Studies

Project: “The lived experience of people with a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder.”

  • Expertise in completing scoping reviews which evaluate and explore best practices within creative interventions for people living with mental illness in the community.
  • Exceptional qualitative research methods skills, including formulating research designs, obtaining ethical clearance, in-depth interviewing, analysis and reporting.
  • Sensitive nature to interview clinicians and consumers on various mental illness topics.

Community Projects

  • 2019-2022 Community Participatory Project Ongoing – In partnership with Monash University


2016-2022 Monash University Teacher and Academic

  • Experienced in providing mental health theory and practice skills to Bachelor and Masters Monash Occupational Therapy students.

Contributions of Lived Experience Research

  • 2021 Contributed to developing and delivering the ‘My Allied Health Space’ as a consumer and therapist expert. https://www.myalliedhealthspace.org
  • 2019 Long-Term Romantic Relationships with People with Borderline Personality Disorder (Deakin)
  • 2019 Service dogs (Monash University)


Publications (previously known as Thyer)

  1. Ludowyke, L., Lentin, P., & Brown, T. (2023). The meaning and purpose of creativity in the daily life occupations, activities, acts and behaviors amongst adults living with mental health conditions: A scoping review.  Occupational Therapy in Mental Health, (In process)
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  9. Ludowyke, L., Lentin, P., & Brown, T. (Submitted-2022). The use of creative acts, activities, behaviours and occupations amongst people with a mental illness living in the community. Journal of Occupational Science.

Conference Presentations

  1. Ludowyke, L., Lentin, P., & Brown, T. (2021). The Use of Creative Activities in the Daily Lives of People with a Mental Health Diagnosis Living in the Community: A Scoping Study. Occupational Therapy Australia, 29th National Conference and Exhibition, June 2021
  2. Thyer, L., Brown, T., & Roe, D. (2018). The validity of the Canadian Occupational Performance Measure (COPM) when used in a sub-acute rehabilitation setting with older adults. Perth, Occupational Therapy Australia Conference. July 2016


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