An Occupational Therapist’s Experience of BPD Stigma

As a patient with BPD, the experience was very shameful. People often roll their eyes or deny us access to treatments. We’re blamed for our behaviours and labelled with negative stereotypes. Our illness is often not seen as legitimate…

Tips for Working with Borderline Personality Disorder

Working collaboratively with someone with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) requires creative and empathetic thinking from health professionals. However, by implementing the following strategies, health professionals can enhance their therapeutic alliance with individuals with BPD and improve their clinical outcomes.

Managing Therapist Reactivity

I recently supervised an occupational therapy student who shared that they had become quite emotional during a therapy session they had observed. During the supervision session, they asked me how I look after myself in these difficult client interactions, and I answered honestly. The following are the tips I provided to help minimise our distress and reactivity as therapists working with complex trauma.

Our First Borderline and Personality Disorder and Complex Trauma Network Meeting

Laura Ludowyke, an occupational therapist who lives in recovery from Borderline Personality Disorder, shared her journey through the mental health system and her journey with using occupation in her life and recovery. She also spoke about the importance of finding meaning in life beyond the diagnosis of BPD, and shared insights from her ongoing PhD research on the role of occupations in the lives of people with BPD and complex trauma.

Sleep and Occupational Therapy

In this post we share how Occupational Therapists can help with sleep. We also share strategies to maximise your sleep. Be sure to check out our resources, facts and worksheets on sleep!

Occupational therapists can play an important role in helping individuals with sleep difficulties. Occupational therapists can help you find holistic strategies for maximising your sleep. Here are some ways we can help: