Presenting at Our BPD and Complex Network Meeting

Thinking of Speaking at Our Network?

The MHPN BPD and Complex Trauma Network is a place where allied health professionals come together to share their knowledge and experiences and to learn from one another. We meet every three months and have a range of disciplines and social service professionals attend. It is a great way to share your research, knowledge and your services!

This network aims to build a community of professionals who work collaboratively with this population, to help destigmatize the language used around BPD, and to change the perspective of health professionals to reconsider the environment and its complex interaction on the person.

The meetings can include a range of activities such as guest presenters, panel discussions, case study discussions, journal article discussions, reflections on models and theoretical approaches, and trauma-sensitive research methodologies. We are focused on sharing holistic ways of working collaboratively with this population and invite topics that reflect this. Presenters are encouraged to utilise the best medium that helps them deliver their discussion topic.

When preparing for a discussion, we ask you to consider the following:

  • Prepare 1 to 2 learning objectives on what you hope the audience will gain/learn/understand from attending. We believe that by setting these objectives, we can ensure that our discussions are focused on meaningful and practical learning for the audience.
  • Consider whether your presentation can be co-produced with a consumer. For example, you may involve the consumer’s voice by asking them for their opinion on your presentation, seeking their feedback or having them co-present. We believe that including the voice of those with lived experience can help to create a more inclusive, evidence-based, and empowering discussion.
  • Consider whether your discussion topic helps encourage reflection, empowering participants with BPD and complex trauma in their recovery.

We encourage all those with an interest to send an email through! We look forward to hearing from you and your proposed discussion topic!

Please email Laura at to get involved.